Portfolio and Short Stories

Here are some logo design that we created for our happy business customer
that needed professional logos for their business.

  • Boha Eye Logo
  • Black Queen Meditation
  • Cannabis Farmer Simple Emblem Design
  • Happy Bull Logo for mexican food
  • Yoga Girl Logo
  • the station logo design from Alekxa
  • Feather Pencil Logo Design
  • Cactus Camera Logo Design
  • Asian Female Online Logo Design
  • Chita Line Art Logo mockup image

All project above is first asked for permission to share

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  • You can only pay 33% NOW for 1 Example and Revision

Frequently asked questions

1How long until I see the first logo design?
Usually, it takes 1-2 business days, but if you are on a short deadline, please Contact us.
2Can I see the Design first Before I made the payment?
Sometimes the Idea or the Concept is the Logo itself that why we only take 33% of the payment.
3Do you only Design Logo Design?
No, we also Design Product Labels, Business cards, Flyers, etc. Contact us for more.
4What if I do not like the The Logo Concepts at first?
Everything depends on the brief you offer, if the brief is specific and your Idea clear there more chances the project will be successful. That's why there is only a 33% deposit.
5Do you offer free Logo Designs?
No! We are a team of Logo professionals that is what we do.